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Huqa is Australia’s newest online-only business operating and based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Established in 2020, Huqa sells and distributes unique hookahs and accessories in Australia to consumers and businesses.

We are always looking for products that place more focus on the smoking experience instead of the act of smoking itself. We also seek out products that no other seller in Australia offers by reaching out to small and large brands or manufacturers across the world’s hookah hotspots to see what products they offer. As we seek to sell more and more unique products, our inventory will expand.

In doing so, we hope that Australia will move closer to the rest of the world in hookahs, accessories, experiences and culture.

We believe the hookah is not the focus of an experience, event or conversation but rather a catalyst or companion to such things. Hookah should be shared between people to add some taste or flavour to the interaction.

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