ATH Charnewa
ATH Charnewa

ATH Charnewa

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This hookah from ATH is a Charnewa. It comes with a cut Firuze mouth-blown crystal glass made by Pasabahce and a cut Serhos stem. The Charnewa is made of rustproof stainless steel that is also very acid-resistant, as well as friction- and corrosion-resistant.

This complete set includes:

  • Cut Firuze mouth-blown crystal glass.
  • Cut Serhos stem.
  • Lower stem with diffuser.
  • Ash tray.
  • Mouthpiece.
  • 4 hose adapters.
  • 4 hose connections.
  • Head adapter.
  • Black soft touch silicone hose (provided by us).


  • Tray: 19cm wide.
  • Glass surface contact diameter: 19.5cm wide/
  • Glass: 25cm high.
  • Complete hookah (without bowl): 54cm high.

in stock

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