Oduman Monster

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A later addition to Oduman’s strong line of products, the Monster takes a different turn and follows today’s standards in hookah design with a wide glass base curving up to a narrow neck, blending in seamlessly with the stainless steel.

  • Handmade, thick and heavy glass with resistant stainless steel parts
  • 14cm anodised aluminium mouthpiece
  • Only Oduman product with a 4 valve purge system in a closed chamber
  • 1.5m white food grade silicone hose
  • Removable screw-on diffuser smoothes and silences the draw
  • Comes in a padded bag with a shoulder strap that is resistant to water and easy to clean
  • Packaged in a strong, safe and colourful box
  • All parts and products are made and designed by Oduman in their workshop in Istanbul, Turkey

Out of stock

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