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    • Black Heat Resistant Bowl Grommets

      $2.99 inc. GST

      Heat resistance ensures the grommet will not melt, deform and/or wear out quickly like most grommets. Moderately thin material which means the draw will not be affected unlike a thicker grommet. The outer lip on the base of the grommet ensures that the grommet will not be wedged in your…

    • Stainless Steel Tongs

      $3.49$12.99 inc. GST

      Tongs are the most critical piece in completing a hookah. They are an absolute necessity. Choose from several options and sizes of stainless steel tongs. Each is different in strength, weight and use.   Option 1 – Pocket-sized, light & portable. 15cm long, 1.9cm wide, weighs 21g. Option 2 -…

    • Oduman Turbo Valve


      Add some modern flair to your Oduman hookah with the Oduman Turbo Valve The Turbo Valve is purely an accessory and only serves an aesthetic purpose with no performance impact. NOT suitable with the Oduman Monster and Micro Simly screw off the attachment to the purge valve and screw the…

    • Fork & Poker Set

      $14.99 inc. GST

      Fill your bowl and pack it correctly with ease using this Fork & Poker Set Made with steel and finished nicely. A poker with a moderate weight ensures that not little force is needed when poking holes through foil. Narrow and flat fork tip with straight non-sharp points provide easy…

    • Black Soft Touch Silicone Hose

      $14.99 inc. GST

      Universal soft touch black silicone hose. Made with thick and durable silicone with a moderate weight. 1.5m length, inner diameter of 12mm and an outer diameter of 17mm. Is high quality, silicone is odourless and will not hold odours either.

    • Oduman Hose Adapter

      $15.99 inc. GST

      Want to use any hose set with your Oduman hookah? With Oduman’s stainless steel hose adapter, you can use any of your hose sets with your Oduman hookah for a personalised experience! Stainless steel body and threading make this adapter durable. No need for a grommet, the Oduman Hose Adapter…

    • Oduman Magic Bowl

      $25.00 inc. GST

      The Magic Bowl changes colour with heat. It is black when cool but as the heat grows the bowl’s hidden colours surface Emoji edition Made with a high quality ceramic Compatible with the Oduman Ignis Can hold up to 25 grams of tobacco Come with a silicone grommet for fitting…

    • Oduman Initial-40 Anodised Aluminium Mouthpiece

      $29.99 inc. GST

      The 40cm Initial-40 hookah mouthpiece is made for comfort and ease of use. Each coloured mouthpiece comes in a unique anodised aluminium pattern. Aluminium mouthpieces are finished by being anodised The anodised finish produces a surface that is durable and resistant to corrosion Your choice of Black, Gold, Silver, Red…

    • ATH Resin Mouth Tip

      $29.99 inc. GST

      Made by the world-renowned ATH, who also produced the Adalya brand. Made with machined epoxy resin. Stainless steel ring, silicone hose with a lanyard. Presents a timeless and stylish design.

    • Oduman Ignis

      $39.99 inc. GST

      Manage your heat with the Oduman Ignis. The Ignis is a heat management device (hmd) that is placed on top of your bowls. It is used to adjust the temperature of the charcoal, to burn it less or more. No need for foil and poking holes anymore. Made from an…

    • MYA Stainless Steel Charcoal Tray

      $39.99 inc. GST

      A charcoal tray ensures your surroundings are kept clean and tidy by keeping your charcoal above ground in an organised fashion Made with stainless steel, this charcoal tray from MYA is compact, easy to handle and easy to clean. The removable pan makes cleaning and handling much easier. Also a…

    • ATH Azra

      $44.99 inc. GST

      Made by the world-renowned ATH, who also produced the Adalya brand. Produced and designed by hand in Turkey with 100% German fire clay. Holds liquids well thanks to the hard and dense fire clay and ensures even heat distribution. The bowl has 5 angled holes, unlike the straight-cut holes on…

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